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Storyboarder & Voice-Over Actor
Burbank, CA
At Dragon*Con 2004, Dr. Demento declared "the great Luke Ski" to be his radio program's "Most Requested Artist of the 21st Century". Since then, Luke held onto that title by having songs on "The Dr. Demento Show's" annual year-end "Funny 25" countdown of his most requested songs of the year for 13 years in a row, including four of them at #1 ("Peter Parker" 2002, "Stealing Like A Hobbit" 2003, "Snoopy The Dogg" 2011, "Fake Adult" 2014). His song parodies, originals, stand-up and sketches about pop culture phenomena have made him a favorite performer at science-fiction and fandom conventions all across the Midwest and beyond. He's released eleven albums and a DVD over the past nineteen years, many of which feature collaborations and cameos by his fellow comedy musicians of the Funny Music Project (www.theFuMP.com), most significantly Carrie Dahlby, who often sings lead vocals on Luke's parodies of female musicians. His past hits among his fans include songs about Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Spider-Man, Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Battlestar Galactica, Batman, Firefly, Doctor Who, Disney buying Marvel, Monty Python, with more recent hits about Scooby Doo, 80's media franchise mascots, and being a 'fake adult'. He has won two awards at the Logan Whitehurst Memorial Awards For Excellence In Comedy Music (www.loganawards.com). The first for his Peanuts tribute, "Snoopy The Dogg", winning 'Outstanding Parody Song' of 2011, and the second for his song about Disney buying Star Wars, "When You Wish Upon A Death Star" winning 'Outstanding Parody Song' of 2012. And in 2013, Carrie Dahlby and the acts of the FuMP dot com surprised him at his Kickstarter event 'LukeSkiCon 2013' by presenting him with a 2-CD set full of their cover versions of Luke Ski songs spanning his whole career, titled "Worst Tribute Ever", featuring an introduction by Dr. Demento, where Dr D. reiterates that Luke Ski is still his show's most requested act of the 21st Century. He is the musical jester of sci-fi, the emissary of rap dementia, the pimp of the geek nation, and a prominent bacon enthusiast. So join the Dementia Revolution, and become a Luke Ski fan today! www.thegreatLukeSki.com

Notable Conventions Luke has performed at: San Diego Comic-Con, Star Wars Celebration, Dragon*Con, WorldCon, NASFIC, Creation's 40th Anniversary Star Trek Convention, GenCon Indy, Origins, Nerdapalooza, Orlando Nerd Fest, and many more. He also is the chair of the comedy music track at MarsCon in the Twin Cities (marscondementia.com), and was the co-chair of FuMPFeST 2014 (fumpfest.com).

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Luke Ski currently works as a writer, storyboarder, and voice-over artist on the Cartoon Network Original webseries "MIGHTY MAGISWORDS" , created by Kyle A. Carrozza. Watch it now at cartoonnetwork.com , click on 'Shorts'. (The opinions expressed here are mine alone.)

For more information on the great Luke Ski please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.thegreatlukeski.com