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Lito Sandoval

San Francisco, California
Latino on the short side. 5'3"; to be exact. DOB: 10/12/67. I'm a glasses wearin, black haired with the gray creepin in/sometimes pelon, brown eyed, goatee or moustache sportin individual in the Mission District of San Francisco. I'm neither gym-toned nor obese.

I have a story in an excellent anthology "Virgins, Guerrillas & Locas: gay latinos writing about love" edited by Jaime Cortez, which can be found in bookstores or Amazon.com. My story is called "I Love You Alto."

In 1998 I co-wrote and co-starred with the comedy group Latin Hustle in their first production "Full Frontal Rudity," which played to sold-out audiences. We also took the show to LA where I got to meet and drink with one of my idols El Vez, the Mexican Elvis!

I was hit by a car on January 19th, 2000 at 6:10AM. My left leg was fractured in 2 places. And I had to have corrective surgery. I am now walking with a wicked(er) limp.

In Fall 2000, I played a male nurse attendant to a woman who had major plastic surgery paid for by her joto son. The film is called "Corn in the Front Yard" and was directed by Al Lujan. It got a great response at the 2001 LGBT Filmfest.

Currently, brain is on a creative freeze, but I hope to thaw it out one day.