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Richard Marting

Santa Ana Unified School District
Fountain Valley, California
OK. After DTS (1991/1992), I went back to University and got a degree in Winter of 1994. Danielle and I married in April of 1995 and had our eldest, Emma, in 1999. Jude followed in 2002, and finally Cora in 2004. Cora was a major decision, but I kept feeling like someone in our family was missing and when she was born, our family circle finally felt complete. I attempted professional acting in Los Angeles for about 3-4 years and decided I needed a change. When I gave up on LA, I had already started Substitute teaching and really enjoyed it and felt teaching could be a way I could help change the world. I taught Grade 7 & 8 English and was comfortable for about 7 years. Earned my Master's Degree in Education back in 2005 and then last year I heard a new high school was opening up with a brand new theater. Some friends encouraged me to apply and now I am a grade 9 English and Drama teacher. I really am enjoying the High School atmosphere and my students and fellow teachers are fabulous. It is a brand new school, so that is exciting too. Dani and I still feel the tug of missions on our heart and are praying God's leading in that. There have definately been some spiritually dry spots in my past, but lately we have been going to time of spiritual renewal and are excited to surrender to what God has planned. I visited Paia in April 2007 and received quite the shock at how much/little things had changed. I have added some pictures and will add more later to my Facebook account from that trip.